it was a very quite weekend with my parents.. and Luty, she sleep all the time but she brings me company and give me her love 🙂

I also start a new knit project, a top down raglan jumper, is quite difficult because there are many things I don’t know how to do, but I hope I’ll be able to do everything and quick 😀



October was difficult, and still is in some sense. Interviews, good ones, bad ones, decisions to make .. I already want it to end, I hope it’ll be a good end 🙂

Here I post some of the pictures I took the other day when I was at Versailles. More can be found here.

A song for this days..

This morning rue Bellechasse


promenade plantée

favorite places

cold summer

* * * * *

not very much to say today, just that I would like, for change, life was easier.

And a song for this sunday starting my month 🙂