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I was there for the first time in september 2008, in a beautiful day of spring (almost fall I must say, but it was a warm and sunny day though) and I just loved it: it’s theEdmond de Rothschild park in Boulogne-billancourt, a 15Ha park with a lot of beautiful trees, birds, and a lake, a playground, a equestrian center, etc… we like to go there on weekends and make picnics or just to walk and take pictures like these ones in this post.

* These last days I knew two  new beautiful blogs: Idathue and chocolate Circus,
* a cool tumblr
* a nice musicien: Dominique Pinto.  I love this video (with Piers Faccini).
* And also I added new stuff in my pinterest, enjoy ! 🙂

Have a good last week of 2011 !