sunny sunday


in a (rarely) sunny sunday a very nice promenade with friends


robots & co.

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a few days ago a little walk not so faraway…

de copas

[Pentax ME super, Kodak E100 expired, xpro]

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Paris last week was full of sun, and when the sun goes down nothing is better than a beer and good company..

* since last week, I’m a fan of

* Dom, a cellist that I appreciate plays tomorrow in Paris, here a video that I like very much

* And, a beautiful exhibition not to miss, there is still time to see it

see you soon…

another beautiful park

a few saturday ago, in a little bit rainy day, we decided to go at this beautiful park in Boulogne, the park Albert Kahn, we were surprised and delighted with the Japanese garden at the entrance, there, on a beautiful pond surrounded by bonsai, huge fish swam , trying to discover them under water it was sometimes difficult and disappointing, they were going so fast …

long week end

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things that I like today.. and before today…

There is sunshine in paris!!, have you all a nice long week end !


I love when, after work, I go for photos to Negatif+, that makes me always happy.
A song fot this night.. (and the whole album, actually).


[Olympus XA, Kodak Protra VC 400, c-41]

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et voilà un joli dimanche de musée, promenade et des bonnes galettes, avec ma copine bretonne 🙂
Fantastic shots that I found the other day, thanks to Thao..
and a awesome concert!

have a nice week everyone!